Resources for Teachers

School children (10-12) in classroomIt is hoped that the following resources will help teachers to address the subject of domestic violence with their students. A range of different resources, including videos, posters, surveys and quizzes, are available to help raise student awareness of domestic violence. The resources listed below are all free and are intended to be used to present information and to promote discussion.

Four Boys to Men project posters are available to download. The first three summarise the findings and key messages from each phase of the research. The fourth poster describes the impact of the Domestic Abuse Prevention Education programme used in phase 1.

Poster 1: Experiences of Domestic Abuse

Poster 2: Focus Groups

Poster 3: In-depth Interviews

Poster 4: Evaluation of Prevention Education programme

Further resources can be found through the following links:

More excellent resources – in English, French, Spanish and Maltese – are provided by REaDAPt – Relationship Education and Domestic Abuse Prevention Tuition