Research Toolkit

This set of resources has been developed to enable you or your organisation to conduct your own research. (In particular, groups such as schools, Youth Offending Team workers, community groups, Education Psychology Services might be well-placed to use these resources constructively). The range of research instruments used in the From Boys to Men project are available along with information to support their implementation; questionnaires, interview techniques etc. Notes are also available to guide you through the broader research process, helping you with aspects such as how to plan the design of your study, ethical considerations, data processing, data analysis and interpretation. The tools and information provided can be used in a variety of ways; to help identify young people who may be at risk of becoming perpetrators of violence as they progress towards adulthood; to promote discussion and raise awareness of domestic violence; to help individual perpetrators of domestic violence recognise and address their issues.

The Research Design section of this website illustrates practical examples of how the research was implemented in the From Boys to Men project.

Taking notes for her files

The toolkit is divided into three sections which relate to the three phases of research conducted for the From Boys to Men project. Each phase employed a different research method as follows:

The research team have also produced videos which introduce and reflect upon the research methods used in each phase of the research, available through the following link: research videos