Other Dissemination Activities

David Gadd presents research findings and recommendations to Welsh Government, Cardiff, 17th June 2013.

Claire Fox presents ‘Evaluating the effectiveness of domestic abuse prevention education’ at Coventry University event ‘Combating all forms of domestic violence: Taking stock and looking forward-Adolescents’, 24th May 2013.

David Gadd presents ‘Young Men’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse’ at GVRN (Gender-Based Violence Research Network) event entitled Young People and Violence: Research and Engagement at Glasgow Caledonian University, 16th May 2013.

David Gadd presented research findings and recommendations to the Cross Party Group on Men’s Violence Against Women and Children, Scottish Parliament, 15th May 2013.

David Gadd presents ‘This is abuse… or is it? Domestic abuse perpetrators’ responses to anti-domestic violence publicity’  as part of the CRFR (Centre for Research on Families and Relationships) seminar series, University of Edinburgh, 15th May 2013.

David Gadd and Claire Fox present research evidence at NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), 17th April 2013

David Gadd and Claire Fox present research findings to VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) Strategy Group, 12th April 2013

Davd Gadd Claire Fox

David Gadd and Claire Fox present research findings and recommendations to the Home Office, 26th March 2013

Talks by David Gadd and Mary-Louise Corr to 15-16 year old local school children as part of a Discover Criminology Day at the University of Manchester, 27th November 2012

Workshop by Claire Fox and Becky Hale on ‘Preventing Domestic Abuse: Working with Children and Young People’. Open to staff, students and visitors, as part of Dignity and Well-being Week at Keele University, 7th November 2012

Talk on the Phase 1 findings by Mary-Louise Corr, at a school/college networking morning at Sandon Business and Enterprise College, 28th June 2012

Mary-Louise Corr presented the Phase 1 findings to the Sheffield Domestic Violence Working Group on the 18th September 2012

Talks by Claire Fox and Mary-Louise Corr at the Arch Annual Domestic Violence Conference, November 2010 and November 2012.

Public lecture by David Gadd, ‘This is abuse or is it?’Manchester University School of Law’s Public Lecture Series on the 21st November

David Gadd presented the ‘This is abuse’ paper to students on the Offender Management Diploma at Stafford College on the 23rd October 2012