Phase 3 Research Findings

The key findings from phase 3 of the From Boys to Men Project are detailed in the following report:

Phase 3 Key Findings

Vector illustration of a man lock up in prisonThe life histories of the 30 young men (aged 16-21) featured in this report offer a harrowing account of extreme and, in some cases, prolonged incidences of domestic violence experienced from a young age. Often set in the context of disfunctional home backgrounds, the research illustrates how domestic violence can influence a young boy’s own behaviour, particularly when they are not offered appropriate help and support early on. The data analysis reveals that many of these young men have suffered neglect, rejection and bereavement, leading to feelings of powerlessness and anger. Such emotions left unresolved have, in many cases, resulted in their own use of violent and controlling behaviours, getting them into trouble at school and ultimately leading to criminal intervention. Can more be done to intervene in the lives of similar young boys, to reduce future incidences of domestic violence?

Arrested teenager with handcuffs on his hands“I was so¬† mad at myself that I couldn’t fight my gran’s boyfriend … he was a grown man … Sat over there crying and there was nothing I could do about it. From that day, I promised myself I’d never, ever, ever, ever put myself in that situation again. Never.” (Duane)